300th Anniversary of Masonry in Canada

The Masons of Belleville Moira Lodge No. 11 wish to invite the members of our community to our Open House, to be held On June 3rd, 2017 between the hours of two and four p.m. at the Masonic Hall,, 132 Foster Avenue, Belleville Ontario.  Come and join us for a tour of our hall and the new lodge room.  Learn about our history in the Quinte area as our lodge dates from 1801 when Captain John Walter Meyers served as our first Master.    The year 2017 is a very significant year to both Our country of Canada and for the Masonic order.  In 1867, our founding fathers organized the beginnings of our great country by joining our first four provinces into a united confederation which has grown in size and stature to a land of 10 provinces and three territories  So we are presently celebrating the 150th year of our great Country’s existence.


On Tuesday, 25 April 2017, a cheque in the amount of $1,500 was presented by Brother Rob Dykstra, Junior Stewart of Trent Lodge No. 38 to Noble Jim Benham representing the Belleville Shrine Club with Worshipful Master Dave Smith present.

This donation was made as a result of a fundraising activity by the Mead Johnson Employees who were celebrating their 20th Anniversary after the shutdown of plant operations.  The employees asked that the donation be made to the Shrine Hospital for Children Transportation Fund as their way of thanking Shriners for all they do to help raise monies for the Shrine Children.

On Wednesday, 26 April 2017, Public Relations Director Noble Stephen Shirk who had been present at the Trent Lodge donation presentation, presented the $1,500 cheque donation to President Noble Jack Hellberg of the Belleville Shrine Club’s Dinner Meeting.  The donation was greatly received by Noble Jack who thanked Noble Bill Richardson Secretary of Trent Lodge who had brought the donation to our attention as well as to Brother Dykstra and the Mead Johnson Employees for their generosity.

Also at the Dinner Meeting our guest speaker was Belleville Police Officer Dan Jolly who talked about his experiences and duties as a Canine Officer for the Detachment.  He had many interesting stories to tell and the history regarding the creation of Canine Police Units.



Every cent counts when raising monies for our Shrine Club. Planning for events and activities, including our dinner meetings require the purchase of food, etc. It is important to follow through with a commitment to attend a meeting if we are to keep our costs down. If you are unable to attend a Shrine Club Dinner Meeting please let the Executive know as soon as possible so that we don’t over-purchase food for the meals. SUPPORT PROMOTES SUCCESS!!!


At noon on Saturday, 22 April 2017, Noble Stephen Shirk and Noble Doug MacLaurin relieved Nobles Bruce Ferguson and Ed Sykes at Dewe’s Independent Grocers to sell chocolates for the Belleville Shrine Club.  On the previous day a picture was taken at the same location with Noble John Bonnin presenting a Sponsor Appreciation plaque to Wayne Dewe for supporting the Club these past years.  Noble Bill Bedford was also present as this was their turn to sell chocolates.  In the afternoon they were relieved of these duties by 1st Vice President Otto Nungesser and Lady Kendra.

My wife Lady Kathleen Shirk and I (Stephen) left Dewe’s Independent Grocers after selling chocolates with Noble Doug MacLaurin to quickly drive to Trenton to watch our Shriner Nobles sell beer at the Hockley Craft Brewery booth for the Hops on the Water event. Congratulations to our 2nd Vice President Noble Gary Crane for organizing this fundraiser event.  In the last photo you will see Lady Kathy Shirk, 2nd Vice President Noble Gary Crane, Noble Josh Faser, Noble Brent Cotton, Noble John Neil, Lady Kendra Nungesser and 1st Vice President Noble Otto Nungesser.

It is always great to see our Nobles and Ladies at work with these fundraiser activities.  A special thanks to Lady Debbie Truman who has worked tirelessly with our President Noble Jack Hellberg to schedule the Nobles to sell our chocolates at the various venues this season.  We would certainly be hurting if we didn’t have Lady Debbie offering her time for a good cause.  In case you are wondering who I am you can find me in the 8th photo, Noble Stephen Shirk, Public Relations Director for the Belleville Shrine Club.


SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR PANCAKE BREAKFAST – You should have been there today. We had thunderstorms. We had floods. We had cold damp weather. We had melting snow. We had freezing fingers and toes. But more so we had GREAT FUN selling pancakes and sausages with real local maple syrup to the few who were willing enough and brave enough to come out and celebrate “Savour the Chill and Stay Awhile”.  This downtown event was sponsored by the Belleville Downtown Improvement Area in conjunction with Empire Theatre, the Chamber of Commerce and the Belleville Shrine Club who ran the Pancake Breakfast booth. We had lots of helpers and lots of visitors. It was all about FUN FUN FUN!

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Nobles and their Ladies had a great evening welcoming some of the many sponsors to our Wednesday Night Meeting Dinner.  At this event Appreciation Plaques were presented by 1st Vice President Noble Otto Nungesser to Matt Sinclair  of the Bantam Hockey Association and to Smitty from Smitty’s Appliances.  2nd Vice President Noble Gary Crane presented Appreciation Plaques to Catherine Cox of Cox RV & Trailer Centre, Dwayne Barratt from the Downtown Improvement Area and to Wayne Dewe from Dewe’s Independent Grocers.  There were more plaques to be presented to other great sponsors from 2016 which will be given out individually at a later date.  The Belleville Shrine Club has every intention of thanking our Community and Sponsors for their ongoing support for the Shrine Club and the Shrine Hospitals for Children.  Also present for this event was the Potentate Illustrious Sir David E. Rawn and his Lady Edith.  It’s always a pleasure to receive these welcomed special guests.

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untitled-1Shriners and Ladies.  Take a few minutes and watch this presentation on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/n/?video%2Fedit%2F&v=10154070446787126&aref=1487877341122839&medium=email&mid=5493726cd0e45G2111c2ddG5493770631117G3d&bcode=1.1487877254.Abnunv7wNcU4z6u_&n_m=steve.shirk%40yahoo.ca

Or you can watch it on Youtube at:     https://youtu.be/o9q7PPKfQmQ

Just click on the links above which will take you to Facebook or YouTube.  You may have to hit ‘save’ on the Facebook link before it brings up the video.

Even though the references to the Circus no longer apply and the address for Rameses Shrine Centre has changed the rest of the video is still very relevant with a strong message sent to all who view what Shriners are all about.