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Belleville and District Shrine Club Election Night – 24 November 2021

Here is your elected members of the Belleville and District Shrine Club for 2022 with family and friends present.

President – Noble Jim Preston
1st Vice President – Noble Ken Campbell
2nd Vice President – Noble Bill Black
Secretary – Noble Stephen D. Shirk
Treasurer – Noble Ron Carter
Directors: Nobles Wayne McFaul (absent), John Bonnin (absent), Stephen Shirk, Brian Cook and Ralph Bullock
Trustees: Nobles Clarence Stevenson, Calvin Thomas and Rob Wigmore (absent)
Auditors: Nobles Leonard Bedford and Clive Allan

Congratulations and we wish you the best for 2022.


Our Nobles showed their appreciation to our membership and the public for their support and by purchasing meals at the many Back Door Kitchens we have held since COVID started in March 2020 by providing a free meal to those who attended on Saturday, 28 August 2021. Our newest Oriental Guide Noble John Neil was seen cooking the hotdogs and hamburgers, while our Special Events Director Noble John Bonnin fried the onions and helped with the other cooking. Our President Noble Jim Preston supervised the sign-in sheets, handing out napkins and taking orders, while Noble Don (Trout) Douglas sold the drinks. Noble Brian Cook received a thank you folder from Noble Jack Hellberg and supervised the whole event to make sure that we didn’t run out of items. And of course many other Nobles and Ladies were involved with other tasks such as Ambassador Noble Leonard Bedford cooking and serving out the Corn by Lady Anne with the watermellon as needed.


Another successful Backdoor Kitchen dinner was organized by the Belleville and District Shrine Club on Saturday, 27 February 2021, due primarily to the efforts of our House and Property Director Noble Brian Cook, who is also our Chef who prepared these meals.

Also a big thanks to the Shrine Club Nobles and their Ladies who helped to make this happen on Saturday: Noble John Neil and Lady Peggy Neil with their daugther-in-law Elisa Neil; Noble Jim and Lady Joan Hemlin; Noble Clive Allan and Lady Sandra Allan; Noble Stephen Shirk and Lady Kathy (Kathleen) Shirk; and Nobles John Bonnin, Leonard Bedford, Calvin Thomas, Jim Preston, Ken Campbell and Clarence Stevenson.

Who knows that our special Bacdoor Kitchen Dinners will be in the upcoming months. Please stay tuned!