I dragged my COVID ridden body (now seven days of symptoms) out of the house today when I heard that some work had been done at our new Belleville and District Shrine Club buildings. I was careful to stay away from any humans in the area.

Taking pictures I see that all of the shed is now up. We only need to add electricity for lights and power and a door. Future work would entail insulating the interior walls and ceiling and erecting some shelving if space permits. We should be able to park our Camel Herder float and 71 Dodge Pumper Unit in the shed for safe keeping with room to spare for odds and sodds.

I also noticed that we have not made much progress on the addition to the main building. The studs are up for the walls on the extension however it has been almost a week with nothing completed. Looks like we may not be in the new building and out of the old building by year end. Fingers crossed!

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