Congratulations to Noble Ken Campbell installed as our President for 2019. His Lady Erika has proven that she will be his greatest supporter. There were 96 Nobles and Ladies in attendance to show their support for Ken and his new Executive. Ceremonies were conducted by Rameses Potentate Illustrious Sir Noble Jed Handy accompanied by First Lady Christine. Other Divan Nobles in attendance were Chief Rabban Noble Bill Sweet and his Lady Barbara, Oriental Guide Noble Joe Johnson and his Lady Joyce as well as other Nobles who are member of our Club. The Chief Rabban conducted the election of Noble Jim Preston as our new 1st Vice President. Also in attendance representing the Mayor’s office was Ward 2 Councillor Bill Sandison with his wife Christine. We would like to thank the Nobles and Ladies from the Kingston and Trent Valley Shrine Clubs who attended to also show their support. President 2018 Noble Stephen Shirk and Lady Kathleen were happy to give up this position. Noble Stephen will continue as the Secretary for the Belleville and District Shrine Club for 2019.

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