The weather was perfect on 18 November for our Santa Claus parade in Belleville.  My grandson from the military David Shirk used his new 2018 Silverado truck to pull our Legion of Honour “People Mover” float in the parade.  Lady Kathy Shirk and her team prepared the upper lounge with a christmas treee, and made sure that there was lots of chili, stew, cheese/pickle trays and deserts available for those who traveled in the parade. After some brief moments of aniexty the Camel Herders were able to get their float moving while others Nobles and Ladies remained warm and  very cherry in the club motorhome. We even had some of our Nobles and their Ladies from the Trent Valley Shrine Club in the parade and at our Chili Night feast.  Thank you to everyone who made this happen and those who got involved with the spirit of the season.

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