Saturday, 25 August was a treat for the Belleville and District Shrine Club as we led the Tweed Elvis Festival Parade through the downtown area. We only had two of us on the Legion of Honour Float (People Mover) however our Camel Herders and Clown Units were out to support us. At the head of our group Noble Clarence Stevenson proudly carried our flag. After the parade many of the Nobles visited our food tents at the festival area where the parade ended and the festival began. Thanks to all of the Nobles who supported the parade and to the Nobles and their Ladies who cooked and sold food at our tents. And a big thanks to Noble Gary Veinot who lent us one of his trucks to pull the float .You made your President Proud! Now if your President who took these photos knew how to a selfy with a clumsy big camera.

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