Finally we have attended our last concert on 20 August for this year.  I could not understand a word sung, other than the many four letter words, echoed by each of the four bands at this concert starting with Bad Wolves, followed by Nothing More and Five Fingers Death Pool ending with Breaking Benjamin.  It did not take me long to remove my hearing aids (wish I had brought some ear plugs).  However we are told that almost $11,000 was raised with Rameses’ portion going to the Shriners Hospital for Children.

I would like to thank Nobles John Hopkins, Clarence Stevenson, Don Gillis, John Neil and Otto Nungesser for attending with myself, my Lady Kathy Shirk and my Son-in-Law Martin Salisbury. Other members from our Club at the Concert assisting were Illustrious Sir Noble Ray Causton, Bob Jones, and Joe Johnson with his  Lady Joyce Anderson-Johnson.  Now I only need a week to get over the aches and pains in my shoulders when waving those CD’s in the air and the swollen feet and ankles from the constance walking to find sales.  Thanks to everyone who supported this fundraising event.

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