This was the first time that my Lady Kathleen Shirk and I had been at one of the Spartan Races.  It was a real eye opener for us and for our Daughter Shelley, her husband Martin, and their son Quinlan Salisbury who all helped as volunteers at this years event.  Illustrious Sir Ray Causton P.P. was assisted by Illustrious Sir Al Berry and Noble Mark Smith as well as the many other Shriner volunteers, their families and friends in attendance.  It was nice to see that the President of the Kawartha Shrine Club Noble Steve Christie and President of the Oshawa Shrine Club Noble Aubrey Periera were leading their volunters as did I as the President of the Belleville and District Shrine Club Noble Stephen Shirk.  The day was a little cool with a slight drizzle at times but turned out to help every one of the participants become winners and very muddy.  Hopefully Sunday’s event goes as smoothly as ours did today.

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