On Friday 8 June 2018 everyone settled in for a weekend of fun at the Rameses Spring Ceremonial in Orillia, Ontario starting at the Orillia Fairgrounds. We had 12 members in our Club stay at the Comfort Inn while those that were with the Divan stayed at the Casino Rama Hotel. Friday night started with a great roast beef dinner followed by a western country dance to the group Fresh Horses, a Garth Brooks tribute group of entertainers. At the dance Coleen Cassidy from Owen Sound Ramoca Shrine Club won the Kid Rock guitar while Verna Settle from the Orillia Shrine Club won the 50-50 draw of $550. The evening ended at the Comfort Inn hospitality room hosted jointly by the Oshawa Shrine Club with the Belleville and District Shrine Club sharing costs. Attending bar wre Nobles Scott Peel, Brian Marcano followed by Watson Petersen and Karen Jerry.

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