Nobles and some of their Ladies from the various Shrine Clubs in the region were at the Air Canada Centre on Friday evening to help sell Kid Rock’s new Sweet Southern Sugar CDs and tickets for a chance to win a custom guitar from Kid Rock. To kick off the evening we listened to the Fresh Horses band who did a great job entering the thousands in attendance. Ladies Sharon Osborne and Bonnie Wigmore helped the Nobles to refresh their CD supplies while Noble Bob Jones and Lady Tina handled the cash. Also from the Belleville and District Shrine Club were President Stephen D. Shirk, Immediate Past President Jack Helberg as well as Nobles John Neil, Rob Wigmore, Don Gillis, Brian Cook, John Bonnin, John Hopkins and Bill Osborne. Everyone had a great time and look forward to the next event. Unfortunately we had to stop taking pictures once the show started so that we could concentrate on the CD sales.

In order to win the guitar the audience had to be watching the banner at the end of the show to look for the this advertised winning ticket in order to receive their prize.  This was witnessed by our Shriners and many others who stayed until the end.


  1. This was a great idea to raise money to help the local community. The concert was absolutely amazing. Kid rock (Bob) rocked the crowd. I am curious who won the guitar, we did not hear the announcement, yet we didn’t miss any other part of the show.


    1. Apparently no one at the ACC claimed the prize. The guitar now belongs to Rameses Shrine Centre. Not sure what the future plans are for this guitar.


  2. The draw was made on the night of the event. Unfortunately no one claimed the prize. It now belongs to Rameses Shrine Centre for future consideration.


  3. I was there for the entire show and beyond we did not hear any draw information , could you please publish the winning number
    Thank You


    1. Shriners were suppose to tell everyone to watch the floating banner in the theatre for the announcement of the winning ticket. I had left at 9:00 pm and was not present for the drawing. Concerns have been sent to Rameses Shrine Centre to address. Kid Rock is responsible for the promotion and drawing of the winning ticket. Not the local Shrine Clubs.


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