Lady Kathy Shirk didn’t have any problems setting up for the installation ceremony on President’s Night for Saturday, 13 January 2018. At the Belleville and District Shrine Club Friday Social the Ladies and Nobles helped to load the tables with colour.  Noble Clive Allan had set up the tables, chairs, tablecloths, and cleaned the wine glasses on Thursday. President Elect Stephen Shirk went for the Airforce Theme for this event hoping that the attendees take home lots of memories from the past year and to create new ones for the upcoming year.  Noble Stephen served in the Canadian Armed Forces as an Airforce Serviceman for 23 years as a Human Resources Administrator (Formerly Administration Chief Clerk).  The three flags on the left represent his military service as:  Airforce Flag, Administration Flag , and United Nations Peacekeeping (Cyprus) Flag.  The three flags on the Right represent his family heritage as:  Switzerland, The Schürch Family Association of North America, and Berne (a region in Switzerland where the Shierk/Shirk/Sherk/Sherrick, etc. families came from during the Reformation era).  Schürch families were known as Swiss German Mennonites, emigrated from Europe in around the early 1700’s to become Pennsylvania Deutch (German) Mennonites, and later to the Kitchener/Waterloo and Markham areas as Mennonites in 1789 and 1804, not to mention all other areas of North America and as far south as Chile.


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