Monthly Archives: October 2017


Nobles of the Belleville and District Shrine Club had a fantastic day at the Wellington Pumpkinfest Parade.  Noble Don (Trout) Douglas commented that the parade started with over 500 lining the streets and seemed to reach 5,000 by the time we were at the end.  The crowd kept getting bigger and bigger with smiles galour.  The bad weather held off and gave an opportunity for our Clown Unit to continue making children happy with balloons in the park.


On 16 September 2017 the Belleville and District Shrine Club had 37 recorded visitors for the Doors Open Ontario event. Here are some pictures of the few guests we were able to capture when we were not busy conducting tours. Both Lady Kendra Nungesser and Lady Kathleen Shirk were a great help. Lady Kendra conducted tours in the lower banquet room and lounge area while Noble Stephen Shirk took our visitors to the top floor boardroom and other areas. Lady Kathleen took care of our guests on the main floor and ran for supplies, etc. Maybe next year we will get a bigger crowd. This certainly helped with advertising our great facilities avaiable for renting for any type of event in the different areas of the building as well as who we are as Shriners.



I had the great time visitng with Lady Sheila Smith yesterday at her home in Trenton. Sheila was so proud of her husband Fred for all of his accomplishments and in particular his dedication to the Shrine Children when he was Chairman of the many Shrine Circuses in Belleville from 1987 to 2000. In the later years of the Circus from 2001 to 2012 the 1st Vice Presidents of the Club would be in charge of the Circus however they still had Noble Fred putting a committee together to sell tickets, set up for the Circus, and to enter the ring to make the announcements on behalf of the Belleville and District Shrine Club and the Rameses Shrine Circus. Noble Fred was the true coordinator for these events. The 1st Vice Presidents may have taken the accolades for this event however Noble Fred was the true spokesman for the Club and our Nobility. He needs to be remembered. Thank you Sheila for sharing these memories.