300th Anniversary of Masonry in Canada

The Masons of Belleville Moira Lodge No. 11 wish to invite the members of our community to our Open House, to be held On June 3rd, 2017 between the hours of two and four p.m. at the Masonic Hall,, 132 Foster Avenue, Belleville Ontario.  Come and join us for a tour of our hall and the new lodge room.  Learn about our history in the Quinte area as our lodge dates from 1801 when Captain John Walter Meyers served as our first Master.    The year 2017 is a very significant year to both Our country of Canada and for the Masonic order.  In 1867, our founding fathers organized the beginnings of our great country by joining our first four provinces into a united confederation which has grown in size and stature to a land of 10 provinces and three territories  So we are presently celebrating the 150th year of our great Country’s existence.

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