At noon on Saturday, 22 April 2017, Noble Stephen Shirk and Noble Doug MacLaurin relieved Nobles Bruce Ferguson and Ed Sykes at Dewe’s Independent Grocers to sell chocolates for the Belleville Shrine Club.  On the previous day a picture was taken at the same location with Noble John Bonnin presenting a Sponsor Appreciation plaque to Wayne Dewe for supporting the Club these past years.  Noble Bill Bedford was also present as this was their turn to sell chocolates.  In the afternoon they were relieved of these duties by 1st Vice President Otto Nungesser and Lady Kendra.

My wife Lady Kathleen Shirk and I (Stephen) left Dewe’s Independent Grocers after selling chocolates with Noble Doug MacLaurin to quickly drive to Trenton to watch our Shriner Nobles sell beer at the Hockley Craft Brewery booth for the Hops on the Water event. Congratulations to our 2nd Vice President Noble Gary Crane for organizing this fundraiser event.  In the last photo you will see Lady Kathy Shirk, 2nd Vice President Noble Gary Crane, Noble Josh Faser, Noble Brent Cotton, Noble John Neil, Lady Kendra Nungesser and 1st Vice President Noble Otto Nungesser.

It is always great to see our Nobles and Ladies at work with these fundraiser activities.  A special thanks to Lady Debbie Truman who has worked tirelessly with our President Noble Jack Hellberg to schedule the Nobles to sell our chocolates at the various venues this season.  We would certainly be hurting if we didn’t have Lady Debbie offering her time for a good cause.  In case you are wondering who I am you can find me in the 8th photo, Noble Stephen Shirk, Public Relations Director for the Belleville Shrine Club.

About SDShirk

President 2018 Belleville & District Shrine Club, Finance Officer Legion of Honour Rameses Shriners. Historian with the Schürch Family Association of North America. Editor 418 Wing RCAF Belleville.

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