Nobles and their Ladies had a great evening welcoming some of the many sponsors to our Wednesday Night Meeting Dinner.  At this event Appreciation Plaques were presented by 1st Vice President Noble Otto Nungesser to Matt Sinclair  of the Bantam Hockey Association and to Smitty from Smitty’s Appliances.  2nd Vice President Noble Gary Crane presented Appreciation Plaques to Catherine Cox of Cox RV & Trailer Centre, Dwayne Barratt from the Downtown Improvement Area and to Wayne Dewe from Dewe’s Independent Grocers.  There were more plaques to be presented to other great sponsors from 2016 which will be given out individually at a later date.  The Belleville Shrine Club has every intention of thanking our Community and Sponsors for their ongoing support for the Shrine Club and the Shrine Hospitals for Children.  Also present for this event was the Potentate Illustrious Sir David E. Rawn and his Lady Edith.  It’s always a pleasure to receive these welcomed special guests.

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About SDShirk

President 2018 Belleville & District Shrine Club, Finance Officer Legion of Honour Rameses Shriners. Historian with the Schürch Family Association of North America. Editor 418 Wing RCAF Belleville.

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