Monthly Archives: January 2017


On Saturday, 14 January 2017,  our new President for the Belleville Shrine Club was installed for 2017. Congratulations to Noble Jack Hellberg, his Lady Celine, and their new Executive. Attached are some photos of this ceremony and pictures of the new Rameses Shrine Centre with views from the Comfort Inn located beside our Centre.  For those who have never been to the new Centre there certainly is a lot more entertainment around the area with the Woodbine Racetrack/Casino behind the Comfort Inn, a main Shopping Centre on the opposite corner with another shopping area across the street from the Comfort Inn.  Lots of places for the Ladies to visit while the Nobles concentrate seriously on their Shrine duties.  In attendance supporting Noble Jack was 1st Vice President Noble Otto Nungesser, Noble John Neil who conducted the ceremonies, Public Relations Director Noble Stephen Shirk and Noble Rob Wigmore who was performing his duties as the 1st Ceremonial Master with the Divan.  There were some other Ladies present and may have been other Club Members who may have been missed.


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