1st. Vice

Belleville Shrine Club


Committee Members Present:

            Noble Ron Carter

            Noble Gary Crane

Noble Brian Cook

Noble Jack Hellberg

Noble John Neil

Noble Otto Nungesser

Noble Jim Preston

            Noble Gary Smithrim (Chairman)

            Noble Clarence Stevenson

Committee Members Absent:

            Noble Barry Willis

            Noble Donald Greer (Secretary)

Established Quorum

The meeting was called to order at 12:25 pm on Friday 27th, 2016. Established by past precedence, the President of the Belleville Shrine Club took the chair to open the meeting, with the rollcall and establishing that the quorum exists.


Welcome and Opening remarks.

The Chairman – Noble Gary Smithrim – welcomed everyone to the newly constituted Property Committee and thanked everyone for their enthusiastic support. In absents of the Secretary, Noble Gary Smithrim asked Noble Jack Hellberg to take notes of the minutes. He then gave a short outline of the history of B.S.C. and the home place in this building since 1946, with the emphasis on the importance of tradition it brings with it.

He emphasized the importance of considering all option of the future of the B.S.C. and the property it currently occupies as their home, and decisions about the future of the property must be treated with diligence. He elaborated that it takes serious thought and contemplation to come to a rational decision. Any recommendation reached by this committee must be based on full transparency and accountability.

Transparency must be able to show how the study is or has been conducted and where the information comes from Accountability addresses who, when and where the information comes from and which source has been used. In other words, the study should be based on facts and not emotions.

It is recognized that such a study will need time and most likely will take us into the next year. A time table for achieving individual phases of the study should be established the measure the degree of progress.

In forming the 2016 Property Committee, he proposed the division of work into three task teams, each headed by one of the Vice Presidents.

Team 1: Property Value; (Task Team Leader – Noble Jack Hellberg)

The objective of team 1 is to establish the current and future value of the existing assets and the potential markets available that might be interested in purchasing the property.

Team 2: Cost/Income Projection: (Task Team Leader – Noble Otto Nungesser)

The objective of team 2 is to evaluate of the current real operating and capital cost and projected cost over the next five year.

Team 2: New Home Study: (Task Team Leader – Noble Gary Crane)

The objective of team 3 is to stablish the criteria of the Club requirement for a new home; find the likely options available, the impact on membership and the most likely cost/benefit arising.

At the completion of the work by the three study group, a merging of the information available will allow the committee to develop a full recommendation to the executive committee for consideration.

Noble Jack Hellberg offered assistance to the teams if they wish to use some simple to use decision making tools which will allow to make a multi-facet decision process more transparent and provides a balanced approach. It is up to the individual task teams to decide if they wish to make use of the offer.

Chairman Noble Garry Smithrim called for the next meeting on Monday, 20 June 2016 at 12:00 noon at the Belleville Shrine Club. The meeting adjourned at 2:15 in harmony.

Minutes recorded by Noble Jack Hellberg